1. Rudy's Bar
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The night-time train is no longer any shelter from the mid-town rain
All the cars run through the puddles
And mix the neon colours as I
Walk down West 44th again

Our old friend is meditating on the corner and he’s
Still not wearing any shoes
He says what’s the use in having things?
The more you have, the more you have to lose...

That’s why I’m here
I’ve been losing someone dear

So line ‘em up Rudy
If indeed Rudy
Is your real name
Is your real name
Line ‘em up along the bar
Come and join me for a jar

One more drink and I’ll spin another story about
How things will never be the same
Oh but Rudy won’t be listening
With one eye on the TV screen
He’s watching the Rangers game

One fine day we went strolling through the village and we
Happened on Bedford and Grove
And out of all of New York City
It was the one place that she really had to go



Fifth Avenue pressure drop
She’s up on my shoulders at the top of The Rock
Just to be a little closer to the stars