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"My name is Stanley", I said
"My name is Ramona", you said
"Would you like another drink are you waiting for the devil you know?"
"I’m waiting for someone,", I said
"I may just have found her...
And if the stars all line up maybe I’ll be walking her home..."

I still dream about us
Dancing on the tables on a Saturday night
Laughing and joking with a smile so wide it would
Almost stop my heart
And it will be that way until I never ever see you again
That’s the one that will get me in the end

Like hitting the right chords
Like houses on fire
Like taking my first breath, first steps. Here I am I’m ready to go
And the raindrops lit the window with a thousand exclamations
And we danced in syncopation round to Nilsson on the radio

~Chorus x2~