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I've never taken anything that wasn't mine before
But you made me do some things I've never done
Like sneaking out the back door under cover of the night
And stealing like a prisoner on the run
Or some low down bum

And there's a dozen stolen roses on the back seat
And the radio is playing ‘I Will Survive’
And I know hearts will be broken in the life we left behind
Which is killing me a little but I never felt more alive

We never had a master plan, we didn't have the time for one
We just thought that it'll be what it'll be
We’re following our hearts
We’re swallowing our pride
We’re following the rivers to the sea
We're riding an ice-cool sea breeze


Has anybody told you just how beautiful you are?
Well I may have to tell you every day
And if we live deep in a valley I will shout it out aloud
And the echo will come back and never fade
Cos you look so (so) good (good) to- (to) day

~Chorus x2~