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Gonna take a colour chart
Gonna match your eyes
I'm gonna paint everything in sight
Cos I made a little resolution
To have you all around me all the time

Gonna make some promises
Gonna wrap ‘em up
Gonna add this one for luck
That I promise you a celebration
To celebrate the fact that we’re in love

Countdown to New Year
Is so good with you here
Gimme an 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

The sky is dark with all
The snow about to fall
But we don’t care at all we’ll make snow angels
And we will drink our beer
Drink to the people here
Here’s to another year with you my angel

Gonna let the old one out
And the new one in
Let the carnival begin
Cos we've got bags of coal and mistletoe
So let me in our home-sweet-home again



And I won’t leave you in the cold
I’ll stay with you ‘til we grow old

~Chorus x2~